Review Leeuwarden

De voormalige synagoge in Leeuwarden tijdens Open Joodse Huizen.

3 May 2014
There were meetings on nine locations in Leeuwarden. In the former synagogue, which is a dance school now, the story was told about the Jewish community in Leeuwarden and about how much people knew about the persecution of the Jews. Music was played. Open Jewish Homes Leeuwarden attracted almost 1600 visitors.

Sacramentsstraat. Photograph: Hans ten Houten – The former synagogue in Leeuwarden during Open Jewish Homes.

Sacramentsstraat. Photograph: Hans ten Houten – Gathering in the former shul at Sacramentsstraat.

Spanjaardslaan 133 - Peter de Hoo, resident, tells about the fate of the De Jongh family that lived in this house, and how this was recorded on film.