Houses of Resistance

The format of Open Jewish Homes is also suited for other commemorations.
During Open Jewish Homes special attention is paid to the life stories of Jewish war victims. But there are other groups of victims that are commemorated on 4 May in the Netherlands as well, for whom a programme may be set up following the example of Open Jewish Homes.

The essence of the format

The essence of Open Jewish Homes is the combination of a ‘short’, a personal story, with the location that played a role in that story. In addition to that, the informal setting, the ‘feeling of familial intimacy’, is important. This contributes significantly to triggering the exchange of experiences, thoughts and impressions between those present. In the end, any presence – in whatever role and irrespective of the extent to which one participates actively – is valuable.

Houses of Resistance

Since 2013, Corline van Es establishes a programme for the local committee for 4 and 5 May Houses of Resistance in Amsterdam. Houses of Resistance follows the same path as Open Jewish Homes: life histories and war stories, in this case from resistance fighters, are being told in places where these resistance fighters were active and/or lived. As in the case of Open Jewish Homes, it also appeared during Houses of Resistance that an intimate living room gathering brings the history to life.

Review of Houses of Resistance in 2013.
Programme of Houses of Resistance in 2014.


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