Review of 2013

About OJH on 4 and 5 May 2013 in six cities

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In 2013 Open Jewish Homes took place in six cities. In Amsterdam, Borne, The Hague, Elburg, Groningen and Tilburg.

Over fifty Jewish homes opened their doors on 4 and/or 5 May.
Approximately 150 gatherings were held, involving over 170 volunteers as speakers, hosts/hostesses, property owners or organisers.

The responses were very positive:

"Personal stories from people circulated. There were moments of commemoration and meeting.

"To me, Remembrance and Liberation Day became more real than ever before. It was a privilege to take part in this."

"Beautiful, this personal way of commemorating."

"From now on I will commemorate in this manner!"

There was a lot of interest. A total of approximately 4500 visitors attended a commemoration, and there was great interest in a follow-up next year.
Open Jewish Homes is a programme made up of small-scale gatherings during which the war and liberation story of the Jewish population is commemorated.
'Jewish Homes' are the houses that belonged to Jewish inhabitants who were deported in 1942 and ’43. The starting point for Open Jewish Homes consists of the addresses and families that have been mentioned on this website.

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