4 mei: Amsterdam (Engelstalig)

16.00 uur
Sieg Maandag, life and art

This livestream has ended. You can watch the recording of the livestream on the Facebookpage of Open Joodse Huizen. 

Sieg Maandag (1937-2013) was 7 years old when he was liberated from the Bergen-Belsen concentration camp. Separated from his parents, he survived the war with his sister and 50 other Dutch children. A photo of Sieg walking beside a row of bodies in liberated Bergen-Belsen shocked the world when it appeared in Life magazine on May 9, 1945. His mother used this photo to find him in Amsterdam after the war; his father never returned. After trying his hand at the family diamond trade and clothing design, Sieg traveled the world searching for life’s meanings. He found his true love, Karen, and eventually discovered his other true love—painting. He devoted the rest of his life to painting and ceramics in Amsterdam. In interviews, he often remarked, “I was always a painter.”

Professor and writer Dawn Skorczewski will host this livestream, talking about Sieg's life and work, accompanied by Sieg’s family: wife Karen, daughter Sarah and son Simon. Dawn and Karen co-wrote Life and Art in the Aftermath of Bergen-Belsen, a book combining Sieg’s testimony and writings with his art.

This story was supposed to be told in the Burcht building at Henri Polaklaan 9, where the General Dutch Diamond Workers Union (Algemene Nederlandse Diamantbewerkersbond) used to reside.

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